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Where are all the expat women?

September 30, 2016

BBC Capital writes about the disparity of women and men in expat roles. It seems a portion of the disparity isn’t about willingness, it’s due to whether the role is ever offered to a woman. And the reasons it often isn’t, may be due to history and unaddressed biases.

The Right Way to Manage Expats

Harvard Business Review: what are the best and worse managers doing to select, retain and develop managers using expatriate assignments? Are you shipping your staff off to Antartica as punishment, or sending them to Greece as a reward? Are you not seeing the return you hope from an expat? Or does the success from your expat managers disappear once they leave? This article provides some good tips of getting the most out of your staff and global opportunities.

Travel increases creativity expat research

For a More Creative Brain, Travel

The Atlantic covers recent research by Professor Adam Galinsky about the effects of living abroad and how cultural differences can make the brain more flexible.

Fashion with a Foreign Flair: Professional Experiences Abroad Facilitate the Creative Innovations of Organizations

Academic research to explore the connections between living abroad and the psychological effects of those experiences.